A very common question that is asked of consulting firms is “Why hire outsiders to do work when you could hire in-house?” In this brief article you will find a rationale for hiring consultants as well as a bit of advice on how ensure you choose the right firm for you.

Hiring a consultant or firm means recruiting highly specialized professionals to work towards set goals. This is only the right decision if it saves your company money and makes your projects reach their goals faster. This means that the members of the hired consulting firm now work for your company and should be treated as a temporary part of your team. The least intrusive role a consultant can play is working on a contract that addresses short-term organizational needs. This is often designed not to replace any organizational positions, but instead to empower staff to be more efficient or to address a transitory area of development. As consultants we fill a gap for your company and could never replace full-time employees long-term. Often companies need temporary aid in solving strategic issues and activating existing plans which is why they seek outside sources for individuals with highly developed skillsets and expansive and relevant experience.

It is important when hiring a consultation firm that extensive research is conducted prior to contact. Looking at the various groups and their collective abilities is a huge part of securing a firm. Once you initiate communication, processes begin and you may find yourself agreeing to work with a firm that is not the right fit for you. Look at their track record and ensure that they either have relevant experience with a related project or that they have equivalent experience within another sector.

All consultants strive towards their own “best practices” model. Across all industries and functions consultants have the rare privilege of spending time critically reviewing, developing and implementing these models with their clients. This means that no matter who you are hiring, they spend their time working hard to ensure you don’t have to.